Master Planned Land & Resort Developers

What sets us apart? Long-term thinking. Every single decision is made with the future of the development in mind, not to mention a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to the natural and cultural resources that surround it.



MA Partners is a leading master-planned developer with properties under development and management in Texas and California. We have purchased more than 35 properties and entitled and sold more than 30,000 lots (developed lots and paper lots combined). Our collection of diverse and experienced team members allows us to bring a deep understanding to each project with backgrounds in finance, accounting, development, and construction, focusing on creating unique offerings in high-demand areas.

Optionality is essential in any opportunity and MA Partners has a reputation for crafting innovative solutions to development challenges. Not only do we understand how to create value, but we also focus on risks and work hard to mitigate these risks.



Our Land Development team concentrates on residential development in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin areas.


Our team has accrued years of expertise and knowledge from producing such a wide array of residential, commercial, office and recreational developments throughout the U.S. We draw on a rich supply of talent from a variety of disciplines to see each development through successful completion, while keeping a steady focus on the client.

One of our principal areas of expertise is planning. This is especially significant when it comes to large-scale, master-planned communities with mixed-use properties and recreational areas. MA Partners teams with some of the most renowned, national consultants in architecture, planning and engineering to ensure the right balance of aesthetic and functional components for a community’s livability.

One of the many areas in which we’ve had noteworthy success is the inclusion of public improvement projects to the benefit of MA Partners neighborhoods and the surrounding community. Working alongside city, county, regional and national governments, our experienced team has coordinated design, construction and cost management for roadways, civic infrastructure, public facilities and parks/trails. This public/private collaboration is critical to the development of Central Texas’ booming growth and often produces the fastest and most cost-efficient infrastructure improvements.


A solid reputation is built on what is accomplished. One of our greatest rewards is visiting a community that we’ve helped shape, 10 years later, and seeing its families, neighborhoods and businesses thriving. That purpose is what fuels our commitment to be the best provider of land development services in the state. It’s a vision we strive to accomplish by maintaining the highest standards of customer focus, financial accountability and environmental stewardship.

Environmental responsibility is an important part of everything we do. Working together with environmental agencies, we have preserved the environmental landscape by restoring wetlands and habitat on our properties, protecting sensitive natural environments and karst features, and dedicating hundreds of acres of land to remain as greenbelts for natural wildlife and vegetation.

A good part of every company’s reputation rests on giving back to the community. MA Partners is philanthropically involved in many clubs and charities in the cities where it operates, with particular emphasis on helping families and children, in addition to preserving the environment. We take pride in making sure that the surrounding communities, businesses and organizations benefit from the presence of our MA Partners developments. It’s just another part of who we are – more than a developer, a neighbor. View the list of non-profit organizations we've supported, here.