MA Partners




While the roots of MA Partners were formed in Texas, today we evaluate projects throughout North America. We are thankful for our strong track record of success, and we expect that to continue for years to come.

In the last 20 years, we have invested in over 40 real estate projects. In addition to our real estate endeavors, MA Partners has invested in a number of companies. Our group is constantly searching for the best investment opportunities available.

Each project has its own parameters and nuances, but if you are looking to take advantage of a market that may not be replicated in our lifetime, contact our team to learn more.

“Each piece of land is special and unique, and it only gets developed once in our lifetime. We approach each opportunity to develop a property with the same enthusiasm as if it is our first while continuing our passion as if it were our last.”

- Bob Wunsch, Vice President - Austin Acquisitions & Development