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As one of Texas's most respected, full-service land development companies, MA Partners has exceeded client expectations with a wide range of services, including insightful market analysis, financing and construction, land acquisition, and community management. We work closely with our clients, overseeing all stages of development from initial planning through development completion.

What sets us apart? Long-term thinking. Whether we’re overseeing the development of 200 single-family lots or 200,000 square feet of commercial property, every single decision is made with the project's future life in mind, not to mention a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to the natural and cultural resources that surround it.

Our award-winning master-planned communities, commercial office buildings, specialty retail centers, and public improvement projects reflect our commitment to building livable, exceptionally designed projects that instill a sense of community and capture the spirit and beauty of where we live. Every design is based on a thorough market analysis and is specifically tailored to satisfy both the needs of our clients and the community.

Our projects reflect our personality and character. Guided by our mission, we create aesthetically pleasing, functional projects, not just for today, but for future generations.


With a long track record in the major markets of Texas, MA Partners has built a reputation for performance and has established key relationships to continue the company's growth momentum. Almost all of our opportunities come through long-time relationships. The projects must be in the right location and have a compelling story of interest. This doesn’t have to mean distressed - it could be a land takedown option, seller financing, builder(s) in tow, or numerous other situations.

One of a Kind Culture

Our corporate ideals compel us to strive for much more than financial success; they inspire us to make a real difference in the lives of our homeowners and employees alike. Our unique business culture starts with a strong sense of family – a supportive environment based on mutual respect. We encourage our employees to think outside the box, turning obstacles into opportunities. Still, as proud as we are of the work we do, our culture is refreshingly inclusive, collaborative, and down-to-earth. Because at MA Partners, we know that arrogance and pretension are poor substitutes for substance and quality.

A Commitment to the Communities Where We Operate

At MA Partners, our commitment to developing communities goes well beyond bricks and mortar. We are proud to support a variety of innovative philanthropic initiatives and to partner with respected non-profit organizations, whose shared mission is to improve the lives of those they serve. Here is a sampling of the programs that we've been involved with over the years:

Helping A Hero
Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Williamson County
Children’s Advocacy Center - Williamson County
Austin Children’s Shelter
Salvation Army
Brown Santa - Williamson County
Dell Children’s Hospital
Operation Finally Home
Union Gospel Mission
Love Like Ty
Tahoe Forest Hospital


Meet Everyone!

John Marlin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Wyatt Henderson

Co-Founder & Principal

Allen Jones

Co-Founder & Principal

David Howell

Vice President - Land Development

Ryan Burton

Senior Project Manager

Bob Wunsch