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MA Partners’ visionary operations and development consulting services has been key to a number of premier projects in some of the most in-demand areas of the country. We’re poised to bring our investors and clients tremendous returns for years to come thanks to key differentiators that separate us from our competitors, including:

  • Development Expertise Name of the element

    Our team has a reputation for crafting innovative solutions to development challenges and financially engineering investments to extract value where other developers could not. Clients and landowners recognize this and approach us directly, allowing us to avoid the bidding process to which most others developers are subject.

  • Market Insight

    Our team is able to conceptualize new solutions and successfully operate where other companies have failed.

  • A Diversified Team

    Our group includes a diverse array of real estate, leisure, and hospitality professionals capable of providing value in all areas of large-scale project management.

  • Delivery of Results

    Simply put, our team delivers on commitments. 


Spotlight Projects

Schaffer’s Mill Golf & Lake Club - Developed by MA Partners

Schaffer’s Mill Golf & Lake Club

MA Partners rebranded the project as Schaffer’s Mill (based on a historic local name), and battled uphill against the prejudices created by the former owner […]

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Bear Lake Reserve - Developed by MA Partners

Bear Lake Reserve

Bear Lake Reserve represents the second resort community acquisition for MA Partners.  Similar in story to Schaffer’s Mill, this community was acquired as a distressed […]

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